Effortless Midjourney

A Chrome extension to super power your Midjourney art generation!

Making Midjourney Effortless

Midjourney is a text to image AI that generates amazing art with limited prompting - it changes art as we know it.

Effortless Midjourney is the ultimate solution to unlocking the full potential of Midjourney's text-to-image AI. Say goodbye to the limitations and frustration of manual image generation and hello to the limitless possibilities of Effortless Midjourney.

With a completely hands-free and effortless experience, you can generate an infinite number of image variations, effortlessly upscale images to the highest quality, and multiply your earnings potential through AI-generated art.

Simply click 'Generate Images' and come back later to review the results. Whether you use the integrated ChatGPT functionality or your own prompts, the extension takes care of all the interactions with Midjourney on Discord on your behalf.

Subscribe now to unlock the true potential of Midjourney's art generation capabilities.

Payment Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Get the most out of your Midjourney subscription and supercharge your art generation today! With Effortless Midjourney, you can finally generate that perfect image you've been dreaming of.

Each Midjourney prompt generated consists of 4 images automatically generated, upscaled and saved.
Each ChatGPT generation is up to 50 prompts each. That is up to 75000 prompts generated a month on the Pro Plan.

Basic Plan (Free)




  • 10 Midjourney prompts a day
  • 50 ChatGPT generations a month
  • Usage may be restricted

Pro Plan (Best Value)




  • Unlimited Midjourney Prompts
  • 1500 ChatGPT generations a month

Premium Plan




  • 100 Midjourney prompts a day
  • 500 ChatGPT generations a month

Please complete the following details and click subscribe


Enter your full Discord Username, it must include both the case sensitive name and discriminator (if applicable)

Required to manage subscription, to be informed of any app updates and for support.

How to Use the Extension

Getting Started

Learn how to set up the extension and get started with Midjourney.

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General Usage

Discover all the features and options available in Midjourney.

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Generating Prompts

Learn how to generate prompts and customize your settings.

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Introducting Effortless Midjourney

How to use the extension: Getting Started

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