How to Use the Extension

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Effortless Midjourney Chrome Extension

Updated on July 2, 2023, v1.815 of Extension.


  • Contact Us / Get Help. This can be done via: -
  • Please use your exact Discord name with the discriminator (if applicable for old discord name format) when subscribing through the website or editing your subscription package. Note the username is case sensitive and spaces are allowed.

Getting Started

  • You must be an active Discord member; you can sign up here
  • You must be a member of the Midjourney Discord server; you can become a member by using this link or via the Midjourney website
  • For the Effortless Midjourney Chrome extension to work you must access and use Discord through the web app and not through the desktop app. For all intents and purposes, the webapp is identical to the desktop app.
  • By design the extension will only work on your own private Discord server in a custom channel, it will not work in the official Midjourney server. You can set up your own private server as follows in the Discord web app:
    • In the left menu, click on 'Add a Server'.
    • Click 'Create my Own.'
    • Click 'For me and my friends'.
    • Give the server a name and click Create.
    • You can use the general Text Chanel or create your own channel; you can create as many channels as you want. For example, each channel could represent a particular Midjourney project you are working on.
  • The last step is to invite the Midjourney bot to your server, you can do so as follows.
    • In the Midjourney server, right click on a message sent by the Midjourney bot.
    • Click on 'Profile'.
    • Click on 'Add to Server'.
    • Select your personal server created in the above step.
    • Finally in your custom server, test that the Midjourney bot is working by asking it to do a Midjourney prompt.
  • Note that to invite and use the Midjourney bot in a private server, you need to be a paid Midjourney subscriber.
  • At this point you are ready to use Effortless Midjourney.
  • If you haven't done so already install the Effortless Midjourney extension from the Chrome store.
  • It is useful to pin the extension to the top bar as you will use it frequently.
  • Note that the extension window will only open in the Discord webapp; on any other webpage the extension is disabled.

General Usage

  • As indicated above the extension will only work in a private Discord server on the Discord web app in which the Midjourney bot is a member of. Instructions to do so can be found above.
  • In the event the app becomes unresponsive or gives an error message or does not load your correct subscription, follow the following steps in order: -
    1. Click on the reload icon on the extension (the circle arrow at the top right or to right of plan name). This will force the extension to refresh and reconnect with the backend server.
    2. Click on another channel in your Discord private server and then click back on the channel you want to work in; this resets the channel attributes.
    3. Reload the Discord web site; this resets the part of the extension that interacts with Discord.
    4. Restart your browser; forces a fresh start of the extension.
    5. Reload the extension itself in your browser. Go to the extensions page of Chrome (or your browser) and toggle the enable disable icon.
    6. Uninstall and reinstall the extension.
    7. Contact Support
  • To enable automatic image downloads, you must: -
    • Untick the 'Ask where to save each file before downloading' in Chrome settings.
    • Allow 'Automatic Downloads' for the Discord Site.
    • If you don't do this your browser will ask you to manually save each image every time repeatedly!
  • While the extension is busy with a job: -
    • You can close the Effortless Midjourney extension window and reopen it.
    • You can use other tabs in your browser, provided you do so in another window.
    • DO NOT click on any other channels or servers, this will break the run and it will have to be restarted.
    • DO NOT navigate away from the Discord webpage, this will break your run.
    • Wait for previous runs to complete before running any additional runs, doing a new run before the previous run has completed may result in unexpected results.
  • Be aware that by default you are using Midjourney Fast hours which are limited, switch to Relax mode for unlimited image generation time. Be sure to click the Relax mode checkbox in the extension which then increases the time the extension waits for Midjourney to respond to up to 30 minutes.
  • The extension will only work if the information in the bottom bar is complete; the information includes: -
    • Your Discord Username, please ensure that this is correct.
    • The plan you are on.
    • The number of prompt generations you have left for the day.
    • The number of ChatGPT generations you have left for the month.
    • If the extension has been successfully authenticated.
    • If the extension has a valid session.
    • If the extension is being used in a private server and valid Discord channel.
  • If any of the above options are not completed or have a cross:
    • Wait with the extension window open for 10 seconds.
    • Reopen the extension window.
    • Switch to another channel and back again.
    • Click the reload icon in the extension to force resyncing with the server and clearing all variables.
    • Refresh the Discord web page.
    • Restart or browser (alternative reload the extension in Chrome Extensions page).
    • If you are unable to resolve, please contact us or join the Discord Server.
  • You can press Stop Run at any time to stop an active job, although it will still complete any images already started.
  • There are five links at the top of the extension window.
    1. Visit our website (the icon on the left).
    2. Reload the extension (the circular arrow). Resets all variables, refreshes web page, and resyncs with the backend server, this step will resolve most issues.
    3. Purchase or change your subscription (the cart).
    4. Access the help guides available on the website (the question mark).
    5. Contact us (the envelope)
  • If you find any bugs or have any feature requests or suggestions to improve the extension please reach out to us or join the Discord Server. We would love to hear from you.

Generating Prompts

  • You can either use the built in ChatGPT functionality to generate prompts or type in your own.
  • In generating your ChatGPT prompts: -
    • Be specific and detailed, think of how you would explain what you want to another person.
    • Add placeholder terms in square brackets describing what you want replaced or varied in each prompt, e.g. [different color] trucks.
    • Once the prompts are generated feel free to modify them.
    • You are limited to 50 generations at a time. The output tends to get less detailed the more you ask for, ideally 20-25 prompts seem to be ideal.
  • In creating your own prompts.
    • You can copy them in from another source.
    • You are limited to 500 at a time, this is just to ensure that the request completes in a reasonable amount of time. Beware that a full generation, scaling and saving process of 500 prompts could take as long as 10 hours to complete and will consist of 2000+ images and will be more than 2GB in size.
  • Below the prompt box the following options are provided.
    • Repeat
      • Repeat the prompts in the prompt box N number of times.
      • For example, you can enter one prompt, enter 20 repeat and the same prompt will generate 20 times with 20 different seeds.
    • Tag
      • A name to add to the front of image file names generated.
      • Facilitates finding and sorting the images in your local folder.
    • Set Bookmark
      • Allows a user to set the bookmark the extension starts at, for example if you want to retrospectively upscale or save images that were previously generated.
      • Limited to going back 50 generations previously due to Discord only loading the last 50 messages, this will be improved in future.
  • You can use the prefix text box to add the same text to the front of all prompts: -
    • This can be standard text, eg. 'A red ball'
    • Or this could be image URLs that Discord has access to
      • It is recommended that these images be uploaded to Discord first, then copy the URL from Discord and paste it into the prefix box.
      • You can enter up to 12 images URLs at a time, Midjourney will blend them all together with your prompt.
  • You can use the suffix text box to add the same text to the end of all prompts: -
    • This can be standard text, eg. 'in a field'
    • Or this could be parameters you want to add to all images.
  • At the bottom there are various options to control and configure the Midjourney prompt and the extension itself
    • Detailed documentation on each of the Midjourney prompt options can be found here
    • It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this document to get the most out of your AI art.
  • The Midjourney prompt options included in the extension at this time are: -
    • Aspect Ratio: the width and height of the image generated.
      • Specify the aspect ratio desired.
      • Note that Midjourney model V4a, V4b only supports 3:2, 1:1, 2:3 aspect ratios.
      • V4c and above supports all aspect ratios between 2:1 and 1:2.
      • Sample Aspect Ratios:
        • Default square: 1:1
        • Common wide: 3:2 (35mm film), 16:9 (YouTube), 2:1 (ultra-widescreen)
        • Common long: 2:3, 1:2, 9:16 (YouTube)
    • Seed: setting the seed facilitates image reproducibility and experimentation of different options
      • Enter -1 for the application to randomly generate a new seed for each prompt.
      • Enter 0 to specify no seed, i.e let Midjourney allocate one for you.
      • Specify any numerical seed to ensure that the same seed is used for all prompts; this will allow for consistency between prompt variations and/or recreating your image later.
    • Version: Midjourney model version to use
      • Default uses the current Midjourney default, which at the time of writing is V5.2.
      • V5.2 is the latest version to be supported, V5 operates differently to V4.
      • All the Niji model style options are also available here.
      • See the Midjourney documentation for more information for each model.
    • Quality: The detail level of the output
      • Both low or high detail may be desirable depending on what you want.
      • See Midjourney documentation for more detail, note that higher detail settings use more credits.
    • Stylize: How artistic the Midjourney art generator is.
      • Enter -2 to try random styles.
      • Low numbers are closer to the prompt, high numbers more artistic license is applied by Midjourney.
      • Model v4/5 support numbers between 0 - 1000.
      • Model v3 support numbers between 0 - 60000.
      • Model niji not supported.
      • It's this feature, that differentiates Midjourney from the other AI art generators at this time.
    • Chaos: How random and different the Midjourney grid option images are
      • Enter -1 to use the Midjourney default.
    • Tile: Creates an image that can be repeated infinitely as tile
      • Tick to enable.
  • The Extension prompt options included at this time are.
    • Auto Upscale
      • Tick to automatically perform steps 1 (generate images), 2 (upscale images) consecutively for each batch.
      • Even if you want to type your own prompts directly in Discord, you can still use Effortless Midjourney to automatically upscale and save all images.
      • To do so, untick auto upscale and generate 1 prompt to create a Bookmark.
      • Thereafter manually create all the image prompts you want.
      • Then once done you can click Upscale Images and then Save Images respectively.
    • Auto Save
      • Tick to automatically perform steps 1 (generate images) and 3 (Save images) consecutively for each batch.
      • If Auto Upscale is not ticked then only grid images will be saved, note dependant on 'Save Grids' being checked as well.
      • This option can also be used to manually save images manually generated, be sure to 'Set Bookmark' beforehand.
    • If both Auto Upscale and Auto Save is clicked then the extension will automatically perform steps 1 (generate images), 2 (upscale images) and 3 (Save images) consecutively for each batch
    • Delay(s)
      • MJ has bot protection, if you start getting flagged try increasing the time the extension waits before actions.
      • Enter -1 to generate random waits between 3 and 30 seconds.
    • Concurrency
      • The number of concurrent generations to generate at a time.
      • The number depends on your plan, only Pro plan subscribers can generate 12 at a time.
      • Beware that the higher the number chosen the more likely there will be issues, MJ tends to do unexpected things at high concurrency. If you have issues, the first step is to reduce the concurrency
    • Save Grids
      • Save the grid images generated by Midjourney.
      • Works only when 'Auto Save' is ticked.
    • Relax Mode
      • Tells the extension that Relax mode has been enabled by user and the extension must wait longer before moving to the next image.
      • Also useful to enable this option when MJ is having issues.
    • Save Prompts to File
      • Save all the prompts added to a file and save this file with the images generated.
      • This is useful to keep a record of all prompts generated, keep track of the seeds used and map to a file name.
    • Send Email on Complete
      • Send an email to the verified email address on completion of the run (or on error).
      • Note that this option currently only works for paid subscribers that have verified their email address.


With the Effortless Midjourney Chrome extension, generating high-quality images for your projects is now easier and more convenient than ever before. With a few simple steps, you can be up and running and generating stunning images in no time. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Effortless Midjourney extension has something to offer for everyone.